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To check in-app payments to the the Myket server and ensure their status and avoid intruder fraud, you need to connect to the Server via your server. You should call the following service:



To use this service, you must get the X-Access-Token key from the Setting menu in your Myket Developer's panel (Console) and set it as header in your service. for example:



The following parameters should be replaced with the appropriate values:
- The parameter {PACKAGE_NAME} is the same as the package name of your app. For example, com.supercell.clashofclans
- The parameter {SKU_ID} is the same as your in-app product id (SKU_ID). For example, GEM2
- The {TOKEN} parameter is your purchase Token. For example, 092181



If the operation is successful, the following information will be returned to you:
- The 'purchaseState' specifies the success of your purchase. 0 means successful purchase and 1 means unsuccessful purchase.
- The 'purchaseTime' is an in-app purchase transaction time. This time is based on TimeStamp (see for information).
- The 'kind' specifies the purchase type, For example, androidpublisher#productPurchase
- The 'developerPayload' is a string that has been sent to Myket at the in-app purchase time.
- The 'consumptionState' is related to the product consume. By default, this field is 0, And will be 0 for non-consumable products (such as removing ads). And it is equal to 1 for consumable products (such as coins or diamonds), which indicates that the product has been consumed.


Sample Response

As an example, the output will be as follows:

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